August 15, 2017

About us

Hi, I’m Ozling

A story is told in many different ways, and growing up in the rural village of Tshikwarani, Ha-Kutama,  venda in Limpopo, I managed to have very few physical memories kept digitally or otherwise. I lost a lot of history that my grand children would one day so need.

Times are evolving and as such is technology.

Photography has been one of the tool used to keep memories alive till today. A photo tells a thousand stories. That is why we at Linoz photography saw the need to diversify our focus to help create history through colorful memories we paint. Our quality pictures are nothing but resemblance of what the eye can see, and more…..

Why not try us then you can see for yourself? We are here to help you create and store those memories forever and be able to access them from wherever you might be around the world. In trying to keep up with currents standards “Levels” we also design online albums that will forever remain online and readily available to you. With 5 years solid experience u can trust us.

“When it comes to weddings”

I love seeing people in love!,There’s just something about weddings that are so inspiring to me.
Getting to know so many diverse couples – what makes them tick, what makes them unique
& what keeps them together. I am what I would call a very down-to-earth photographer.
I love what I do and that is why I chose this as my career. I want to give my couples exactly what I expect from my own future photographer. Not just a few photographs; an experience
& pretty memories that will last a lifetime.

P.S. I also cover non-wedding photo sessions 😉